Contain Your Game!

The Gaddis Gaming TableTopper offers a great new way to contain your game. It allows you to scale your game to the arena you want to play in. Perfect for skirmish gaming and suitable for all board games, this progressive TableTopper is also ideal for RPGs and even miniatures. One of the great features of the Gaddis Gaming TableTopper is its card vaults, which allow you to quickly reference and keep your playing cards organized. They also double as miniature staging areas and can hold all the tiny pieces for your board games. We've had so much positive feedback about the great kinetic spin to the dice rolls when using our dice pits. This unique feature also keeps those wondering dice from bouncing all over the table and interfering with playing pieces, such as terrain and miniatures. With all these great features, how can you contain yourself? Order your Gaddis Gaming TableTopper today and be a part of a winning team tomorrow!!

 TableTopper 2017