SdKfz 222/223 Light Armoured Car

The SdKfz 222 (Leichter Panzerspähwagens) is the modernized version of the SdKfz 221, created for when the needs of the army evolved and required a better design. The hull shape and internal structure were rearranged. There was a step down behind the turret – which was larger and 10 sided – and the rear was now pyramid-like. It was longer and since heavier weapons were to be installed, the chassis had to be strengthened. It was rebuilt from scratch and had no relationship with the former commercial chassis. Production started in 1936 until 1943 and was quite numerous with no less than 1,800 vehicles in seven series produced.

Product Highlights:
- Options to build either a SdKfz 222 or 223
- The 20mm autocannon can elevate & rotate
- Two headlight & road wheel options
- Open or closed anti-grenade mesh
- Stowage & optional items included
- Crew in mid-war & DAK uniform included
- Base kit for SdKfz 260/261 conversion (sold separately)

Number of Parts: 101 pieces / 4 sprues