SdKfz 139 Marder III



As the German armored forces advanced on all fronts in 1940 and 1941, they encountered many different enemy tank types that were almost immune to guns of their Panzers. In France it was the B1 bis and the British Matilda (when the Germans met the first Matildas at Arras, it was a very unpleasant shock), in the Soviet Union were the famous the T-34 and the heavy KV-series, and in Africa again (in larger numbers) the Matilda tank. While they were able to defeat these by various means, the Germans were pressed to find a better way to combat these threats. The newly developed towed anti-tank guns (like the PaK 40 built in 1942) could efficiently destroy these tanks, but they were not suitable for offensive operations. A logical solution was to try to mount these towed anti-tank guns on a tank chassis and thus solve problem of mobility, and so the new Panzerjäger’s were born.


contains single 1/56 scale miniature unpainted

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