Osaka Type 92 Armored Car

Type 92 Osaka Armored Car

This model is  RESIN 3D printed in 1/56 scale 

Often confused with the Type 93 Kokusan, this model was quite different, as it was based on a 4x4 chassis and apparently used only by the Army. The Type 92 is sometimes referred to as "Hokoku". The name "Osaka" (from the famous city), given by some European sources in 1935, is associated with the factory area or even the Osaka arsenal, and "Hokoku" comes from the pro-military organization that funded its construction. To make matters worse, there was also a Type 92 105 mm (4.13 in) field gun, also manufactured by the Arsenal of Osaka, a machine gun, and other ordinance materials, like the "Type 92 Heavy Armored Car" which in reality was the Jyū-sōkōsha tankette!