M5A1 Stuart / M5A1 Recce

The M5A1 light tank was essentially an M5 with the larger turret first introduced on the M3A3. Production began in early 1943, and a total of 6,810 M5A1s were produced. By June 1944, the US Army had almost most entirely switched to the M5A1. It was also used by the US Marines.

Product Features:

-Choice to build either a mid or late production M5A1 (Stuart VI)
-Can also build as a M5A1 (Stuart VI) Reece / Kangaroo
-Various machine gun (MMG & HMG) options
-Open hatches, spare road wheel & hedgerow cutter
-Decals include both US & Allies insignia & markings 

Product Code: 280022
Number of Parts: 53 pieces / 2 sprues