M4A4 Sherman / Firefly VC

The M4A4 Sherman (Sherman V in the British naming system) had a welded hull with a Chrysler A57 multibank motor. The motor was made from combining five car engines in one crankcase. As complicated as this sounds, it was produced in large numbers. The US Army limited its use to stateside training duty, but the British found it more reliable than their native power plants and liked it. The M4A4 never got the improved large hatch hull or the T23 turret with its 76mm M1 gun. Most were shipped to the UK via lend-lease and many were turned into VC Fireflies, making it the most common Firefly type. The M4A4 had a longer hull and was the first Sherman version to go out of production. A total of 7,499 were built between July 42 and November 43. The M4A4 served with more nations than any other version, including Britain, Canada, South Africa, New Zealand, Czechoslovakia, India, China, Free French, Free Polish and the US.

Product Highlights:
- Choice to build either a M4A4 (Sherman V) or Firefly VC
- Open or closed command & crew hatches
- Tank crew figures included

Product Code: 280088
Number of Parts: 105 pieces / 4 sprues