M4A3 / M4A3E8 Sherman

The M4A3, powered by the excellent Ford GAA V8 engine, was the US Army’s preferred Sherman variant.  It began to replace other Sherman types in US Army service in 1944.
This kit contains the parts to build either an early or late version of the M4A3(76mm)W, or an M4A3E8 with HVSS suspension.  It also includes an optional set of tracks fitted with extended end connectors.  The hull and cupola hatches are separate, and a commander figure and stowage items are included. 
    Product Features:
    -Choice to build either a M4A3 or M4A3E8
    -Includes both early & late production T23 turret
    -Includes both VVSS & HVSS suspension
    -Includes “duckbills” extended end-connectors
    -Open hatches, extra tracks and stowage
    -US tank crew figures included

    Product Code: 280042
    Number of Parts: 115 pieces / 4 sprues