Krupp Protze Kfz 69/70 6x4 Truck

The L2 H43 and L2 H143 “Krupp-Protze” (unofficial designation) was a six-wheeled 6x4 German truck and artillery tractor produced between 1934 and 1941 and heavily used in World War II. It was powered by a 4-cylinder, 55hp or from 1936 a 60hp Krupp M304 petrol engine. Its main purpose was to tow artillery (designated Kfz 69) especially the PaK 36, and transport motorized infantry (Kfz 70).

Product Highlight:
- Can be built as Kfz 69 or Kfz 70
- Open or closed tailgate
- Optional tarpaulin top
- Open or closed rear canvas
- Driver in Heer uniform included

Product Code: 280082
Number of Parts: 87 pieces / 2 sprues