Holy Roman Empire Tiger III-Z Tank

Another product of the Bloodied Order’s forge factories, the Tiger III can’t really be called a new vehicle. Seeking to recycle as much of the old regime’s war material as they can, The Order has begun converting hundreds of old Tiger series tanks to run on the new sanguine fuel source powering the second great war. With these changes new energy and plasma-based weapons have been mounted to these vehicles along with a reduction in weight and armor to achieve a cruising speed that old Tiger models could never hope to match. With vehicle crews stationed on both fronts of the war eager to receive new tech, many veteran tank commanders see the Tiger III as nothing more than an aging relic with hastily applied weaponry.

28mm (1/56) scale resin model.

This model kit is supplied unassembled and unpainted. Our resin products are manufactured in U.S.A

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