Crystallum Starter Box

Crystallum is a miniatures neutral 15mm sci-fi game set in a post-sundering future version of Earth where various human factions fight for possession of a new and valuable resource. The Crystallum starter set provides players with an introductory Federation of Columbia and Vlast army to play out battles on the tabletop.

All miniatures are resin and are at 15mm or 1/100 scale.

Full set contents include:

  • 6 Vlast Guards Infantry Bases
  • 6 Federation Ranger Infantry Bases
  • 3 Vlast T-72 Tanks (4 turret options included)
  • 3 Federation Detroit Vehicles (3 turret options included)
  • Crystallum Softcover Core Rulebook
  • 10 Token Dice, 5 Objective Markers, 20 D6
  • 1 Federation Columbia Superheavy Tank
  • 1 Vlast Godhammer Superheavy Artillery Platform