Carro Amato M13/40

The Carro Armato M13/40 was an Italian medium tank at the start of World War II and was the primary tank used by the Italians throughout the war. The design was influenced by the British Vickers 6-ton. The M13 was constructed of riveted steel plates with the engine at the rear and transmission at the front. It had a crew of four.
The tank’s main armament was a 47mm gun, a tank-mounted version of the successful Cannone da 47/32 M35 anti-tank gun. It could pierce about 45mm of armour at 500m; this was sufficient to penetrate the British light and cruiser tanks it faced in combat, though not the heavier infantry tanks. The M13 was also armed with three or four machine-guns: one coaxially with the main gun and two in the forward, frontal ball mount. A fourth machine gun was sometimes carried in a flexible mount on the turret roof for anti-aircraft use. Two periscopes were available for the gunner and commander, and a Magneti Marelli RF1CA radio was also fitted as standard equipment.

Product Highlights:

- Build choice of an M13/40 or a Semovente Comando M40
- Turret and chassis hatches can be open or closed
- Multi-slide mould upper chassis for ease-of-assembly
- Tank crew figures included

Product Code: 280095
Number of Parts: 58 pieces / 2 sprues + 1 multi-slide mould