A15 Crusader

The Cruiser Mk VI or A15 Crusader was one of the primary British cruiser tanks of the early part Second World War and perhaps the most important British tank of the North African Campaign. The Crusader’s mobility made it a favourite of British tank crews and once upgraded with the Ordnance QF 6 pounder main gun made it more than a match for the early Panzer III and Panzer IV tanks it faced in combat. Retained in service because of delays with its replacement, by late 1942 the lack of armament upgrade combined with the presence of Tiger I Tanks among the Afrika Korps and reliability problems due to the harsh desert conditions, led to the Crusader being replaced in the main line of battle by US-supplied M3 Grant and Sherman medium tanks.

Product Features:

-Option to build SIX variants of the A15 Crusader; including the Mk I / I CS / II / II CS / III /    AA (Mk II/III)
-Choice to build either an A15 Crusader Mk I / II / III
-A15 Crusader Mk I / II can be built with CS option
-Also be able to build an A15 Crusader AA Mk II / III
-Removable auxiliary hull turret & 3 different side-skirts
-Can be built with or without rear fuel container
-Open hatches, spare road wheels & tracks

Number of Parts: 70 pieces / 3 sprues