The World of Shattered Crown

The Martian War was a spitting contest compared to what was to come. It could have been much worse for humanity. 

Imagine if the US and Britain hadn't come to agreements after the fall of the Martians before V-M Day:  bickering among the Russian powers tied up vital supplies and treaties hindered tech exchanges; Germany and Italy have split; European politics would create their own new enemies in the Prussian Empire; Emperor Hirohito will not be caught between China and Russia, two warring nations; and Japan will never surrender her Manchurian territory on the eve of recurring hostilities between the two powers. 

World War I looks like it is about to begin. 

That's the concept behind ©Shattered Crown, Gaddis Gaming’s politically-charged and potentially controversial miniatures skirmish game. Russia is still battling back the occupied Allied forces within its borders since 1890. 

Taking an unsettling concept to fantastic levels of game play, decades of battle-scarred lands are ripe for playing out the weird WWI history in Europe and Asia.