Schwimmwagen Type 166

The Volkswagen Schwimmwagen was a mix of the VW Type 86 four-wheel drive model with elements of the VW Type 87 command-car. This used the air-cooled “flat-four” boxer and a manual transmission with four speeds. It had two transfer cases and a 4WD capability on the first and reverse gears. The initial prototype was called the Type 128. The 128 was quickly put into production despite showing some flaws that became obvious in operational theaters of war like the eastern front; less than a hundred cars were produced. When all the flaws were removed, and a new reinforced hull introduced the new Type 166 was born. The Type 166 proved far more reliable and was also simplified for mass production.

Product Highlights:
- Detailed interior
- Foldable windshield
- Rear propeller in stowed or in-use position
- Optional side-mounted MG-34 or MG-42
- Driver included

This model kit is supplied unassembled and unpainted. Our resin cast products are manufactured in U.S.A

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Product Code: 280080
Number of Parts: 50 pieces / 1 sprue