Hi-Ro Self-Propelled Gun

During the 1930s, fears were strong among the most powerful military nations that a coming war would develop along the same lines as WWI. No one wanted another war rife with stalemates, no one moving for months on end due to swamp-like terrain, and constant machine gun bombardment. As such, tank designs of the period were heavily set on infantry support, being large, slow-moving, and bristling with anti-personal weaponry. The era became flush with the fad of multi-turret tank designs, with all of the most powerful countries adopting them in one form or another. Tank Destroyer variants mounted the powerful Type 14 105mm Gun, also known as the “10 cm cannon”. The Hi-Ro Sha was an open-top vehicle, with the 105mm gun mounted at the front behind a small gun shield. 

28mm (1/56) scale resin model.

This model kit is supplied unassembled and unpainted. Our resin products are manufactured in U.S.A

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