German 3.7cm FlaK 43 with SdAh 58 Trailer & Crew

The 3.7cm FlaK 18/36/37/43 was a series of anti-aircraft cannon produced by Germany that saw widespread service in the Second World War. The cannon was fully automatic and effective against aircraft flying at altitudes up to 4,200m. The cannon was produced in both towed and self-propelled versions. Having a flexible doctrine, the Germans used their anti-aircraft pieces in ground support roles where 37mm caliber guns were no exception.

Product Highlights:
- Can be built as deployed or on-tow
- Two fixed gun elevation angles (0° or 45°)
- SdAh 58 trailer included
- Three gun crew figures included

Product Code: 280074
Number of Parts: 67 pieces / 1 sprue + 2 blister-size sprue