Churchill MkIV

ITALERI - CHURCHILL Mk.III - Mk.III 75mm - MK.IV - AVRE - Mk.V - NA 75 -  Mk.VIThe Churchill MkIV was the most numerous version of the Churchill Infantry tank of World War II. Originally designed after the start of the war, it was conceived with the (flawed) notion that the war would end up like the Western Front of WWI. The initial tanks were rushed out of production and thrown into combat at the failed Dieppe raid in 1942. Multiple changes were made and the vehicle rapidly advanced through various marks until the MkIV arrived in 1943. Over 1600 of these were built in total. As with all Churchills it featured thick armour and incredibly high climbing capability. Alongside the near identical MkIII it also formed the basis for the first AVRE tanks that would become so iconic during D-Day. Other MkIV variants included some which were upgunned to the British OQF 75mm tank gun and also the NA(75) which were retrofitted with 75mm guns from knocked out Shermans

This variant is armed with the original OQF 6pdr main gun.

1/56 SCALE 28mm miniature in resin

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