Ai-96 Heavy Tank

Aichi 96. Designed sometime after the Type95 heavy tank, Japan delved into producing new tanks in an attempt to field them across China. Multiple companies are listed to have taken part. This tank had at least one unit built on February 1st, 1937. The Aichi 96 was equipped with 4 cannons, two in the turret, and two in the front hull. The tank was later changed to mount a single 75mm tank gun in the turret. However, which gun is not known. The standard guns labeled were 37's, likely being the same 37's standard used on the Ha-Go. The tank had a length of 9 meters 35 centimeters and weighed 36 tons. The armor of the tank was only labeled 35mm on the chart. 

28mm (1/56) scale resin model.

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