THIS is the World of Shattered Crown!

January 27, 2017

THIS is the World of Shattered Crown!

“Stones, dirt, shrapnel, limbs and whole trees filled the air. The noise and concussion alone were enough to kill you. Flashes of fire, the metallic crack of high explosives, the awful explosions that dug holes fifteen and twenty feet in diameter. The utter and complete pandemonium and the stench of hell, your friends blown to bits, the pieces dropping near you.”
--------- Major Warner Ross, WWI

"This is not war. It is the ending of the world."

----------------------- Hindu soldier on the Western Front

"Only one thing is certain: Europe will either come to an understanding or it will go under. The first is impossible, and so the second follows."

------------------------------- German Foreign Office Councillor Kurt Riezler, secretary to Chancellor Bethmann Hollweg, diary entry of 3 October 1917


Shattered Crowns is Award-winning Gaddies Games Alt History WW1 miniatures line.

Imagine H.G. Wells' "War of the Worlds" happened in 1890, when industrial forces were accelerated and even more of a factor in starting the War. New Inventions are tested on the Battlefield; Tesla becomes weapons maker. Imagine fighting the Battle of Somme, with lightning guns instead of machine guns!!

The Martian War  was a spitting contest compared to what is to come. It could have been much worse for humanity. Imagine if the US and Britain hadn't come to agreements after the fall of the Martians before V-M Day. Bickering among the Russian powers have tied up vital supplies and treaties hinder tech exchanges. Germany and Italy are split, but European politics would create their own new enemies in the Prussian Empire. Emperor Hirohito will not be caught between China and Russia, two warring nations. Japan will never surrender her Manchurian territory on the eve of recurring hostilities between the two powers. And World War I looks like it is about to begin.

That's the concept behind Shattered CrownGaddis Gaming’s politically-charged and potentially controversial miniatures skirmish game. Russia is still battling back the occupied Allied forces, within its borders since 1890. Taking an unsettling concept to fantastic levels of game play, decades of battle-scarred lands are ripe for playing out the weird WWI history on Europe and Asia.

Will you play the underdog against the Imperial forces or the oppressed Russian populace trying to scatter from underfoot of the two battling forces in giant metal beasts? In this version of the war, evolved battle technology stems from scavenged Martian walkers making the conditions even more unstable in this arms race. Here WWI tanks have evolved into ferocious diesel-powered tank mechs seen in weird WWI-inspired battles and the stories of Jules Verne and H.G.Wells. Thundering across the land on metal walker legs and diesel powered tank tracks, these machines hold the future of warfare in their turrets.

Imagine a world in which post-WWI Adventures are split in half between the Allies and the Russians and those that oppose her Imperial ambition. As a leader of the Allied forces, the player must strategize, command, and fight with all his forces -- can even gigantic mechs and troops win over the blistering forces during the intense firefights?

Combining an intriguing story line and the ability to be part of the action on the playing field, Shattered Crown is one of the first Weird WWI games available with a full miniatures line ready to support any army you would like to create It offers eight different armored fighting vehicles and more than 20 different scenarios for more hours of game play for you and your friends.

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