The Battle of SON DOONG.

February 04, 2023

The Battle of SON DOONG.

The sun was rising over the jungle in the village of Son Doong in Vietnam and the men of the Vietnamese regular army were reading for their morning patrol. As they prepared to move out, a strange mist began to settle over the jungle. At first the men were unsure what to make of it, but soon they realized that the deep drumming that they heard in the distance was something far more sinister than they had expected.
The mist grew thicker as the sun rose in the sky, and it got thicker until it was almost black as night in the daytime sky. As the patrol moved out attempting to find the edges of the mist in areas that were cleared by rays of sunlight the men saw the source of the mist it was emitting from the Temple of Son Doong.
Dozens of humanoid figures could be seen advancing toward them but their shapes were grotesque forms and where hands should be there were tentacles on some of the creatures, writhing in the murky light of the early morning. The men that made up this platoon of Vietnamese regular army recruits were terrified but they knew there was no turning back. They had to fight. Forming a perimeter with the armored vehicles and readying their weapons, they charged forward firing at the half human monstrosities. Moving towards them, the creatures responded with a barrage of their own quills and spikes launched from tentacles crashing into the men and their armored vehicles. The battle raged on for hours with neither side able to gain the upper hand. Finally the Vietnamese regular army managed to push the creatures back to the edge of the Temple and gave them access to the road out of Son Doong. As the sun rose higher in the sky and started to disperse the mist, the men looked around and saw the cost of their victory. The battlefield was littered with corpses of their fellow soldiers but not a single body of the enemy. Where have they gone, one Sergeant. thought?

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