Supporting gaming communities around the world.

April 24, 2023

Supporting gaming communities around the world.

Good morning,

I waited a week for things to cool down a bit and personally made sure that the event gained proper publicity after the event, and thus the fame of our benefactors, sponsors, spread widely around the world :)

It's time to summarize the Spring Fubar 2023, which you have deigned to support so wonderfully. Our great success was also possible thanks to you.

We planned the event in two ways, a large tournament-type event/bolt action fictionalized party for 30 people (20 people made it to the event itself - which is a very good result for a club near Warsaw, which has not been widely known yet. big competitions, such as the Fantasy Fair, Roll the Dice, etc.) and a smaller one for 10 people in Warhammer 40,000 (there was a complete set). Participants came to us from various places, including the Tri-City, Ostrów Wielkopolski, but mainly from Warsaw and Piaseczno. There was also one foreigner.

As for the place, the conference room in the Education and Multimedia Center turned out to be a bull's-eye. Easy access, whether by car or bus, parking spaces in front of the building, close proximity to the railway station. Upon arrival, each participant received a candy bar and a bottle of water (during the event itself, everyone had access to the coffee and tea corner at all times, without limits). This was followed by the official opening, the announcement of the names and thanks to our many prize sponsors.

Then the pairs of players were divided into individual tables. The atmosphere was great and the humor was good. After three hours, there was an hour break in which you could go out and eat something in the nearby pizzerias and kebab shops, or the so-called Chinese. During the last quarter of an hour break, there was a competition for the best painted army. Six competed in the competition, and in the end the German Winter Army won. After the competition, new pairs were reassigned to individual tables. This time, in addition to the classic scenario, each participant chose one of six secret missions to complete.

The game was over after three hours. The results were read on the stage and prizes were awarded for the first three places, the best painted army, the youngest participant (I think we had two 14 year olds and one 17 year old - a new generation of wargamers is growing), Sultan of FUBAR (the person with the most spectacular defeats), the most sporting/fair play behavior of the player and for last place. In addition, each participant received an envelope with a set of discount coupons from various sponsors and information about codes to be redeemed in online stores. Each participant also received a set of prizes for participating in the event. Everyone was very pleased, both players and organizers.

During the event, we had the company of a journalist from the Strategie portal. He took a lot of photos (and posted them on their Facebook) and a few days later he published a nice article on their website, in which you, our benefactors, were most definitely mentioned.

Link to the article: -party&Itemid=135

An author of a well-known and widely read blog in the world of Bolt Action (one of the organizers of the event) published an article about Spring Fubar 2023.

Link to the article:

In addition, part of the event was filmed by YouTuber Bastion Wargaming, where he also mentions your benefactors.

Link to the video:

One of our participants also made a short humorous video from our event.

Link to the video:

And myself, I collected all the possible photos I could find and created an album with them on Facebook. In the description of this album, you are mentioned and wherever possible, your website addresses are given. I shared this album in many groups, including foreign ones.

Link to the album:

All participants have been warned that their images may be used for marketing purposes by our sponsors. Participation in the event was voluntary consent.

A few days after the event, we also conducted a survey among the participants and it turned out that our event was rated at 83.8 out of 100, which is a very good result for the first time. 92% will definitely attend the next event, and 8% would rather.

I will add from myself that everyone certainly knew and knows who our sponsor was. (advertisements, coupons/vouchers/discount codes in envelopes, etc.)

We also have some things we want to refine for future events. We will definitely make sure that next time each sponsor has their big logo laminated and attached in the middle of the stage (as some of them can be seen in the photos, unfortunately we couldn't do it all, but we'll make sure of it for the next event). The second thing we want to refine is catering. After analyzing the survey, it turned out that it was our Achilles heel. You can see that every participant expects that the organizer will ensure that they have food delivered during the lunch break, without leaving the event building - we will also take care of it.

We also hear voices of people who saw photos, articles, materials, videos from the event, that they regretted not being there and that they will definitely come to the next one :)

On the wave of positive emotions and experiences, I already know that the next event is AUTUMN FUBAR and we want to organize it at the beginning of October. This time, we are also counting on your heartfelt support, but I will talk about this later, closer to autumn.

On behalf of the Piaseczyński Battle Games Club, I would like to thank you very much for your kind help. The great success of Spring Fubar 2023 is our joint effort.

Best regards, co-founder of Piaseczyński Battle Games Club

Tom "Schalazar" Hebel

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