Amateurs discuss tactics, professionals discuss logistics.

April 09, 2023

Amateurs discuss tactics, professionals discuss logistics.

There is a story that German troops captured an American truck heading towards the front with fresh supplies. Inside, the Germans found this:

That's right, a cake.

After examining it, they realized the cake was less than a week old. How in god's name could the Americans bake a cake, package it and send it to the front within a week while German troops had to wait days or weeks for critical supplies such as water, ammunition, medicine and food?

Because the Americans practically invented the art of logistics.

When the Germans saw these cakes, they knew the war was over. There is no way an opponent with such an efficient logistical chain can be defeated. The fact that the Americans had the available resources to send luxurious items such as cake to the front, proved that their logistics were running like a charm.

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