Thanks to those who helped make this possible

June 18, 2015

GADDIS GAMING would like to offer our sincere thanks to all those who believed in us from the very beginning, including: Nathan Harvey from Detroit Architects; John Ashcraft of Emerging Image, LLC; Kevin & Wayne at Palladium Books; Brandon Petitpren of Pandemonium for allowing us to film in his cool Garden City store; Alan Merand at WinterCon for allowing us to film at this Metro Detroit Gamers event; Rod Cain, Herb Barents, Mark Haynes and Paul Agree for their support; Conrad Reed, Lucas Del Castillo and Corey Milton at the RACK show; Brennon at Beasts of War; the folks at Tabletop Gaming News; and Herb Deiher, the first person who enthusiastically bought our TableTopper!

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